B*tch Fest

Have you ever experienced a client from hell? Has anyone ever trashed your beautiful work and made something cliché with it? B*tch Fest is an event started by AIGA Oklahoma and it’s an opportunity for all you chatty cherry OKC creatives to come and enjoy two hours of anonymous humorous therapy with fellow peers.

AIGA Oklahoma

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Procreate app, Adobe Illustrator

Mockup of poster in a physical space.

I designed and illustrated the event poster and then repurposed the artwork into Facebook/Eventbrite banners and promotional Instagram posts.

The worst clients can sometimes be the cherry on top and who among us hasn’t ever stuck their tongue out at someone who has frustrated them? I decided that this cheeky image, which doubles as a chatty open mouth, would be the perfect artwork for B*tch Fest. The bright colors keep it fun and fresh.

Fun pattern wallpaper freebie.


Instagram announcement post.

Hype Instagram posts, meant to tease the flyer and raise excitement for the event, in 3 different colors.