Carolina Sanchez is a photographer located in Chicago. She was born in Detroit, Michigan to parents who were born in Oaxaca, Mexico. After hearing her father's stories about working at a newspaper when he was younger in Oaxaca, Carolina became interested in photography and has followed her father’s footsteps and chosen a career as a photographer. The finished brand identity for Carofotos includes a wordmark, alternate logo, resume/letterhead design, business cards, landing page graphic, and pattern.


Carolina's heritage and history is as important to her as her photography is. With this in mind, we decided to create a pattern composed of icons inspired by her camera and indigenous cultures. The main typeface, Century Gothic, was created in 1991, the same year Carolina was born. We added another personal element by making Carolina’s favorite color, yellow, the main color of the palette.


Carolina captures many different emotions and groups through her photography. Her scope of work is different from other photographers, and the final branding truly sets her apart.