Manifest Urban Arts Fest '13

Out of a competition with 24 other students, I was chosen to brand and design Manifest, Columbia College Chicago’s end of the year urban arts festival. I developed the look and feel for this event and designed the entire brand, which includes the wordmark, logo, posters, postcards, sticker set, button graphics, tee shirts, billboards, and window displays. In addition, I also art directed the signage and decor for the festival and alumni events.


The concept for the Manifest 2013 campaign was based on the layers of identities that an individual can have. I drew heavily from my personal identities as an immigrant, Vietnamese woman who was raised in Oklahoma City.

Photography, illustration, iconography, and typography were layered together to bring the concept to life. The result is a brand that allows you to play around with different elements to create individual pieces that stand out on their own, but work perfectly together. The iconic Manifest star was also reimagined with many different shapes and linework.

Every piece has its own personality.