Musée d’Scout

Brand Strategy, Illustration, Creative Direction, Experiential Design

Musee d'Scout is an internal gallery showing that was born after dscout’s Studio team went on a creative outing. The art showing was a fun way for the entire company to have some fruit, cheese, beverages and enjoy team members creative works.

• Visual Identity
• Email GIF Invitation
• Posters
• Flyers
• Installation
• Interactive “Kids Table” Activity
• Wall Graphic
• Promo Video


For dscout’s second Musee d'Scout, the main stars of the evening were pottery creations. Clay is heavy and hard, but creativity is all about weightlessness, about flight. The pattern was illustrated to feel messy and a little all over the place (similar to the clay before you start shaping) with clusters of clay swirls, spinning wheels, feathers, and birds. I then placed 13 bowls in the artwork for each Studio team member’s piece.

To juxtaposition and prevent our audience from boring of the secret event, the announcement email graphic was sent out in black and white unlike the later colored promotional materials. This was inspired by the process of how clay starts out muted and then evolves when color and glaze is added.


Poster design.

Email gif invite.

Concept of the “kid’s” table mural.

Floating and floor installations. The feathers added a light and whimsical feel.

Both the hanging and floor platforms were crafted from foam core and hot glued together. We decided on fishing wire, which was barely noticeable and gave the illusion that the bowls were floating.

“Kid’s” table, where you can make your own clay creation!