People Nerds San Fran 2019

People Nerds San Francisco 2019 is the first event of its kind, with a vision of 300 passionate and brilliant People Nerd friends coming together to learn more about what makes people tick. Attendees will have the opportunity to dive in with industry leaders as they break down qualitative research and learn about how storytelling creates context, how empathy accelerates insight–and how, by harnessing the power of both, you can arrive at product shifting, world-changing, research outcomes.

dscout, Inc.

Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Full San Francisco illustration.

Announcement landing page.

I designed and illustrated the San Francisco pattern and chose the color palette. I then incorporated parts of the illustration into the People Nerd wordmark to create a custom logo that was unique to the event. The illustration was used for an announcement landing page and newsletter banners.

dscout is based in Chicago, so for the first round of announcements, we wanted the artwork to be about the event’s location, San Francisco. I researched iconic San Fran landmarks and decided on illustrating the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid building, Painted Ladies, Lombard Street, cable car, and giant redwoods. Companies and agencies like Lyft, Nike, REI, and IDEO use dscout to build better products and services. With a loose idea of building blocks, I designed the artwork to be in containers that you could mix and match. Who says research companies don’t have fun?!

Responsive newsletter banners for both desktop and mobile.