My 3 New Fave Designers

Received sad news the day right before Afropunk that it had been canceled due to the possibility of heavy, rainy weather from Hurricane Joaquin. I was so, so sad!! My crew and I had been planning and planning for months. It would have been my first music festival too! I guess things just weren't meant to be this year. T-T I was definitely bummed for days, so bummed that I didn't even go to Atlanta. It just wouldn't have been the same anyways. TEARS. Sighs, well I guess looking at the bright side, there is definitely always next year! Afropunk ATL 2016: I'm coming for you!!

On another note, today I wanted to chat about style. Giirrrllll, when I was on the hunt for the perfect Afropunk outfit, I stumbled across so many beautiful and extremely unique labels, and just unique individual pieces in general. Can I just say that the internet is completely amazing? But you didn't need me to tell you that...Here's a list of my 3 new favorite designers / sites that I have discovered. Check them out! I hope you love them as much as I do.


Founder + Designer Thuy Duong Nguyen is brilliant. Born in Vietnam before moving to Germany, she's been blessed with the influences of two very strong and beautiful cultures. Her designs weave together western style and the charm and intricacy of the far east. These gorgeous pieces are sourced from vintage skirts and blankets in Sapa, so they're all unique. Also, PAPAYAS! They're one of my favorite patterns, and they just seem to be everywhere. Throw a papaya on it. And come on, THU THU. Anything with the name Thu in it is sure to secure my eye. I want all her pieces. You can purchase her S/S 15 collection at her website or at New Classic Studios.


I'm literally seeing sequins and embroidery everywhere. They really never go out of style, do they? Taken straight from the website itself, "Phiney Pet is always about fun and never taking itself too seriously." Designer Phiney Pettman takes inspiration from the South East London surroundings. Everything is full of color and graphics, like a wearable explosion. Again, I would drop all my money on these pieces. A girl can dream, right? These pieces are part of the S/S 15 collection, so sadly, I'm not sure if they're available, but make sure to definitely visit the Phiney Pet website and the Facebook and or get to digging on Google. You can always contact the designer as well. You never know! 

Melody Ehsani

Born and raised in a traditional Persian household, Melody Ehsani actually went to Law school first. I'm definitely glad she eventually turned to fashion, her true calling. The world would have one less talented and socially conscious designer if she didn't make the leap. In her culture, a women's value and status is determined by her marriage and Melody is setting out to change that by being her true self, a vibrant designer. I love her aesthetic! You'll be happy to know that a portion from each purchased Melody Ehsani item will go towards the advancement and education of women in our society. Go buy everything. No one loses with Melody Ehsani.

I remember when I was younger, my older sister Thu had a pair of sequined mesh flats that I would constantly steal. I was 13, and I didn't know anything about fashion. I just loved that I loved them so much, it made me feel happier to wear them. It made me even giddier when my friends loved them as well. That's the beauty of style isn't it? Your style is a way for your personality to really shine. I'm at the age in my life too where I can afford more unique, and sometimes a tad pricier, pieces. It's really a blessing. Like I said, sometimes it really is an investment, after all, these pieces are one of a kind. And we're all one of a kind, so treat yourself! If only I had a million dollars...

But of course, in the case that you don't, it never hurts to hit up your favorite thrift store. I can spend hours upon hours in them. Happy shopping!