Yellow Sweater, Patterned Scarf, & Jean Jacket


What is style anyways? For me, it's the most visible way of allowing ME to shine. One of my good friends Kevin Obomanu (who've you've seen before in my Detroit recap!) and I have started capturing outfits and style, the backdrop being our beautiful city and home, Chicago. Our first set is shot in the neighborhood we're both currently living in: PILSEN! We both have such different styles. We're both different individuals with different experiences and different identities, but we both enjoy dressing up, sharing tips on glasses (we are eyewear nerds), capturing moments, and then sharing it to the world. 

Documenting my style is also something that I have wanted to do for a very, very long time. Sometimes I feel that at age 26 I should have that figured out...but fashion is ever changing and as I am growing, this is another way for future me to visit how much I will have changed. I don't think at all that loving clothes, buying shoes you want to rock, and wanting to share that passion with others is "materialistic" at all. If you're a human being, and you love clothes, and you want to robe yourself in clothes you actually like, then you DO YOU. You probably worked very hard for it. I know I have. And at the end of the day, your body is YOURS! Go ahead and wear whatever you want! Don't ever let anyone police that. 

It's also an excuse to keep lugging my heavy camera around and make more pics. :) Hope you enjoy our captured moments. 


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