Dream Machine


"Inspired by dreams and made for reality." Dream Machine is the 3rd pop up I've been to, and I had so much fun! I'd say it was incredibly unique, as there were a couple of rooms and experiences that I hadn't seen elsewhere or since. The smoked filled bubble room was a huge favorite, and the ball pit was so much more fun to experience when you have siblings. The best thing about this entire experience WERE my siblings, lol. WE LOVE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES! And we looooove taking photos! Keep scrolling to check out some of the pics we made and read my small thoughts on the rooms. Dream Machine made it's debut in NYC, and tickets are still available. Not sure what city they'll travel to next, but I know they'll draw a crowd. The production is 100!!

The best travel buddies EVERRRRRR.

The best travel buddies EVERRRRRR.

Dream Machine Rooms:

1. Cloud room: The first room you enter has clouds and tons of lights. Noting fancy, but I love fake clouds haha.  

2. Bubble room: The second room was very slippery, so be careful not to run. Bubbles with smoke were blown out at an incredibly fast rate from the ceiling. When you popped the bubbles, for a split second smoke would hover before it dissipated. It was pretty magical. 

3. Black and white hallway: The area is decked out in black and white objects and a chair to sit in for that photo. My fave thing about this part is the polka dot wall. I love polka dots. And it was just a happy coincidence I was wearing them. Hehehe.

4. Laundry room: A very interesting room. It was built just like a pink neoned laundromat. I know tons of people were making pics in the laundry basket, but we didn't interact much with it except to eat all the cotton candy and go into the secret mirrored room behind one of the washers. Lynn definitely got her money's worth of cotton candy. 

5. Ball pitt room: Similar to the sprinkle pool at MOIC, except this is muchhhhh easier to sink into and you don't carry sprinkles with you when you leave. It was like being a kid again. I highly recommend diving in, my brother did it and he had so much fun. 

6. Rainbow hallway: It's like a multicolored catwalk. Do a boomerang, or just walk the run way like we did. 

7. Plant room: One of my fave rooms!!!! I love plant/flower rooms, and the purple and green lights and patterns on the foliage took the room to another level. The grass floor was another lovely detail. 

8. Metallic streamers room: A ton of metallic streamers flow from the ceiling, always fun to walk through.

All in all, I would give the Dream Machine an 8 out of 10. Not every room was interactive, but the couple that were, were incredibly fun. And the production was amazing. I give them props for not just slapping some wallpaper on the walls and calling it a day. The patterned decals in the plant room was just a sign of how much care and craftsmanship went into the building of Dream Machine. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.