Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, California


I visited LA + Palm Springs + Joshua Tree last September. This was a trip with a group of very special individuals I started getting to know recently and I met up with a couple friends that I have known since college as well. After moving out by myself, ending a friendship and literally having a swollen face because of some mysterious skin issue for a month and half, on top of other things, I needed this trip. I mean, I neeeeeded this trip. Late night chats and pizza and making photos and pool hangs and delivered Thai food. This trip was a much needed break. I laughed so much. I enjoyed real people, who I felt truly enjoyed my company as well. I really just want to thank all my friends for being so kind and loving, and incredibly supportive of me and capturing photos of me. You know who you are. ❤


Places I visited and loved in California:

All the "unicorn tears" you can eat: Little Damage. For your inner goth, Little Damage makes charcoal activated soft serve that is dark gray in color. The flavors rotate, but the shade stays the same. When I went I got a charcoal cone, the Black Jack, a pumpkin spicey flavor, and "Unicorn's Tears," a blue hued option that reminded me of bday cake. Topped it with some oreos and I was ready to scarf it down. 

Best place for tons of food options: Grand Central Market. I actually didn't get food here. I just walked around, but everything smelled delicious. 

Take your pic in front of angel wings: Angel City Brewery Mural. I didn't even go into the brewery! Lol. I just came for the mural. 

The coolest pool you'll ever swim in is filled with sprinkles: Museum of Ice Cream. The MOIC is done in LA, but they're currently in another state so make sure not to miss out on getting tickets. With every location the MOIC gets better. My in depth recap of the MOIC will be live soon!

The only, ONLY fried shrimp taco you will ever want/need to eat: I am so sorry if you're allergic to seafood, because the taco dorado de camaron at Mariscos Jalisco is legit the best thing I shoved into my mouth when I visited LA. I had 2, but I really wanted 20. Thank you to queen Andi for taking me there!

And don't forget the chicken and waffles: Incredibly delicious at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

Where to capture the most beautiful night portraits: LA Chinatown is beautiful at night, but pls don't go and wear traditional Asian hats or put your hands together in a stereotypical pose. It's not cool, it's appropriation, boo. 

Best spot to just chill and chat with friends: Urban Light at LACMA. I can't believe this even exists. It's enormous, and bright, so bright that if you don't know better, it felt like the sun was up when you were standing in the middle. Since it's located outside, it's accessible any time. And it's free!

Where to find the dinos: Cabazon Dinosaurs. There are two dinos when you ride up, a Brontosaurus named Dinny the Dinosaur and a Tyrannosaurus rex named Mr. Rex. You can visit the gift shop inside the belly of the Brontosaurus, but since it's hot and in the middle of the desert, a photo was enough for me. 

Where to climb rocks, stargaze and see the Milky Way: Joshua Tree. The park is driveable, and there are stops and side roads from the beginning to end, just depends on where you wanted to stop. The entire park has no cell service though, so should you need to leave notes on the windshield of your friend's car to let them know where you will be, bring a notepad and pencil. I'm serious, we actually had to do this. The trees are weirdly shaped, but so fascinating. I felt like I was on another planet, especially as the sun started to set over the Cholla Cactus Garden. Plan to stay late to catch the stars. Every now and then we'd catch a shooting one, and I felt like I was in a magical, desert snow globe. 

You've gotta see it to believe it: Salvation Mountain. I mean there are rivers, but this mountain was built by one man. Out in the desert. With no electricity and water. It's definitely a sight to see. If you're a person of color, pls, pls travel in groups. My friends and I were stopped by border patrol at a mandatory stopping point. It'll just be safer in numbers, regardless of where you're at. It's the desert, after all. Better to plan safe!

Try a famous date shake: Go to Oasis Date Farms. The rows of date trees are a beautiful maze to see too. 

The best group of amazing and supportive womxn I have ever had the privilege of knowing: Queens.