Metallic flute sleeves, Adidas Track Pants, & Dark Red Lip


A big challenge I've had for as long as I can remember is showing a lot of skin. I actually don't really like showing the majority of my body because I have stretch marks, scars, and uneven skin tone everywhere. As I get older, I'm trying hard to not give my fears so much power. This top doesn't even show that much skin, but every now and then I just get really self conscious about it all. I'm also not thin, so more often than not, pieces like this top aren't made to fit me. When I saw this shirt at Crossroads, though, I knew I needed it. The fabric is so shiny. And the sleeves! I love a good flute, long, frill, bishop, puff, angel, bell sleeve, any type of big sleeve really. The flappier, the better. They're so much fun! I was surprised it fit incredibly well, since the tag said Forever21. To dress it down, I wore these Adidas track pants. They're so comfy, I practically live in them on the weekends. 


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Eyewear, Firmoo  /  Top, Forever21 thrifted from Crossroads Trading  /  Pants, Adidas purchased from ASOS  /  Sneakers, Vans