Red Lace-Ups, Purple & Bamboo Clutch for Summer


A quick look through my style tab and insta from last summer will tell you how many dresses I own. Not many. I don't often find very many dresses that fit my body, and fit it well. This dress though, fit almost perfectly. It's funny, I actually found it at Target whilst looking for a dress to draw a pattern from to make my b-day dress. I actually didn't really like the print at first, but when I tried it on, it fit so damn well that I HAD to buy it!! I'm hoping I can recreate it later with some fun patterns. So here it is, haha. It's shaped like a wrap dress, but it doesn't open, the wrap part is sewn shut. My fave part of the dress is the little slit in the front. I looooveee a good slit. The ruffles billow when a breeze hits it, so fun. Pair it with this cute little bamboo bag, punchy red lace-up sandals, purple frames and it's a LOOK.


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