My name is Thumy (Viet proper spelling is Thu My) Phan. I am a Thu Sista. I draw, I illustrate, I photograph, I make, I design, and when I can, I travel the U.S. The world is still pending. 

Thu Sister Studio started in 2014 as a general blog where I talked about my random thoughts and has evolved into a style, art + design, photography, beauty, travel, and lifestyle blog. Thu Sister is no longer just a collection of my memories and experiences, but all the creative projects I currently have my hands in. I take it all, the fun, the positive, the sometimes not so positive, and share them with you, immortalizing them.

As a title, Thu comes before the other half of your Vietnamese name. Thu is the root from my mother country, the origin of my history. When translated into Vietnamese, Thu means autumn, the season between summer and winter. Your autumn years are the rest of your life, the years where you're no longer in the early, cool spring or the intense heat of the summer.

This is Thu Sister. It's important that life be recorded and shared because autumn (Thu) is too short a season to be taken for granted.

I can't wait to keep sharing new ideas with you!! ❤