My name is Thumy Phan. I’m the illustrator, designer, photographer and art director behind Thu Sister Studio. My work combines graphic design, illustration and photography to create unique visuals for many clients/companies across both the digital and traditional space. I currently live and work in Chicago.

Thu Sister Studio started in 2013 and is half portfolio + half blog where I could log my thoughts on art + design, style, photography, and every so often, travels. You can view final work in my portfolio or check out the process and my thoughts on the blog.

As a title, Thu comes before the other half of your Vietnamese name. Thu is the root that represents my mother country, the origin of my history. When translated into Vietnamese, Thu means autumn, the years where you're no longer in the early, fresh spring or the intense heat of the summer. I feel that roots and reason are essential to the design process, and I try to incorporate history and meaning into everything I create. My favorite projects are about cultural identities.

Shoot me an email or two at or fill out this nifty contact form.