Bio: Thumy Phan is a Vietnam born, OKC raised, digital, visual, and experiential designer & artist based in Oklahoma City. She received her BFA from Columbia College Chicago where she studied graphic design. She utilizes design, illustration, and photography to create unique visuals for clients across the digital and traditional space. Her favorite projects are about cultural identities and childhood memories and she loves thrifting, plants, and pink places. During her free time, she’s trying to travel, photograph, and create as many memories as possible.

Artist Statement: I am enamored by identities. A lot of my work layers symbols and organic shapes, most often abstract, of memories and emotions from mine and other’s experiences navigating the world as Asian American womxn. I play with what I call ingredients or roots, the broken down layers of a feeling, an emotion, a memory, the origins of all of them, to create a sense of nostalgia. I use bright, bold colors as a way to defy the stereotype that I must be muted and passive. Although I primarily create with traditional drawing and digital tools, I have recently ventured into experiential design and exploring installation materials. Playing around with these new mediums allow me to create immersive art experiences and provide a space for myself and others to tell our stories and make new and vibrant lasting memories.

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